A constant fight for quality


In Ginestar Fruits, the quality of our products is the result of through work where we control each one of the processes where our products go through. Orange-juice-nets.naranja-zumo-malla

In agreement with our quality policy we have implantd food security systems such as APPCC (HACCP) to guarantee the inocuity of our product and the GLOBAL GAP certificate, a clear reference for good agricola practice, by which we strictly supervise work to be done before harvesting, such as pruning, watering, in agreement with the production rules, avoiding the contamination from the land, this being the least damaging for the environment. We also carry out controls before harvesting to check the maturity, the colour, the sugar and the flavour are ideal for the maximum quality. With the GOBAL GAP certificate we also work with the best practice of handling in our warehouse.

We have a traceability system which permits us to follow the product from the moment it is harvested until it reaches our customers hands. Through which we control the product in the field and the whole harvesting process, packaging and transport of our products.


We have a commitment with the environment,as all the waste generated throughout our production process go to recycling plants, fruit which is not fit for consumptionis treated by external compawniese to obtain biogas.


Ginestar Fruits pertenece a la asociación Club de variedades vegetales protegidas.      logo_cvvp_es